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Hi. I'm fascinated with youth subcultures and try to emulate one or several at a time, admittedly posing. Sometimes I say things are punk or goth or emo to be sarcastic, and some people don't recognise the sarcasm and call me an idiot.

Right now, I wear fake glasses and a fake crucifix. They're fake because I have perfect vision and don't believe in the resurrection of Jesus.

So I'd like to call myself a poseur, but I don't know if I've made an art of my pretention yet. Also, I have something taken from here:

4/3/2003: Are You Pretentious?

- Do you never admit to liking new songs because they're generally created by samey sugary pop bands thrown together by evil capitalist record producers to bleed money from the vital 8-14-year-old schoolgirl demographic?

- Do you object to wearing designer labels, and usually only wear black?

- Are there any trenchcoats, poloneck jumpers, berets or round dark glasses in your wardrobe?

- Are you prepared to pay exorbitant prices for frothy coffee beverages just so you can be seen to sit around drinking it?

- Do you never watch TV?

- Do you watch TV, but complain about it incessantly?

- Do you read obscure news journals because of a deep mistrust for mainstream newspapers?

- Do you run a website?

- Are you genuinely convinced that lots of people read your website and think it's marvellous?

- Do you try to avoid using Microsoft products?

- Do you frequent any Internet messageboards where topics on the subject of religion or politics drag on for several hundred posts?

- Would you gleefully describe yourself as an 'agnostic atheist'?

- Do you have few friends?

- Do you not care that you have few friends?

- Do you try to work dogmatic excuses into almost everything you refuse to do, eg. 'I don't want to vacuum the carpet because vacuum cleaner manufacturers are evil capitalists'?

- If the people you live with were about to go bowling and you wanted to go but were in a bad mood for some reason, would you refuse to go just so people would realise that you are in a bad mood?

- Are you a published writer, or trying to be published?

- Do you try really hard to have a negative opinion of all Hollywood films and novels by extremely popular authors?

- Is the word 'mainstream' for you a byword for 'rubbish'?

- Do you admire Neil Gaiman?

- Are you Neil Gaiman?

If you answered 'yes' to any of the above, then congratulations! You're pretentious! If not, then I'm afraid you're just a boring normal nobody. Look on the bright side, though. At least you'll never be alone.

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