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i found this on darkness.com... very well put if you ask me.

theories on posuers

I have noticed lately that there is much talk about being called poseurs and what not on this site. This is a part of everyday life as we know it. I have a few theories as to why people get called poseurs and why others accuse people of the such.

First off, let's face it people, some people are poseurs. There's no doubt about it. I'm not saying this to accuse anyone of being a poseur or anything of the sort. Please do not take it that way. Everyone is a poseur in some shape or form. Everyone has lied before. So, if you're called a poseur, you may seem that way to other people, or you may actual be one. Who knows? Who really cares? Some people are called poseurs because there is such a radical change in the way they dress and act. If you think that this person is posing, stop and think that this may be there true side. And, even though this person may seem like the stereotypical goth, they may not be trying to be goth. They may not agree with goth insights and points of view. I myself took a radical change. For instance, a little over a year ago, I was listening to NSYNC. Yes, I know, I should be shot. Some people just needed to be exposed to certain ways of life and music and clothing. Others know about it all along they were just too shy to come out. So, ne*who, some people just seem like they're poseurs and they're not. And others just are. So, if you're called a poseur, get over it. You are the only person that's opinion matters and you're the only one that knows the truth. It's not that big a deal.

Ok, on to my next point. Now, this one isn't that backed up, only something that I've thought about. You see, when people call others poseurs, it seems like they are pointing out other people's flaws and "poseurness" to cover their own. I mean, think about it. It's as basic as the play-ground bully. Although, not as extreme. This seems to mostly be done accidentally. People are in constant fear of not fitting in. Ok, hold on, before everyone bombs me with threats on my life, hear me out please. Listen (or read, whatever floats ur boat), I dont care who you are, you are not an individual. There is always going to be someone out there that shares the same ideas and clothing style. There is no shame in sharing. When I say fit in, I dont mean with the main stream. What I mean is, no one wants to be singled out and made fun of or put under a microscope for the world to see. I'm not saying that people dress they way they do so that people will like them. I'm saying that people seek out they're own kind. So, when people start calling others poseurs, they dont want to be the ones being called that. They want the attention turned on someone else in fear that they will be called a poseur, even if they aren't posing in the least. This world is a cruel place but only because of the cruel people in it. So, instead of thinking that someone just hates ur guts or is a bitch for calling you a poseur, think about they're reasoning. Which may include my first statement tied in with the one I'm making now or just this one. I dont know, I'm just guessing. Yes, the reasons are selfish but hey, at least it's not personal right? Right.

Now, here's my third point which is just as possible as the first two. Some people are just assholes and dont know what the hell they're talking about. "Normal" people (if they're is such a thing) have no room to call anyone a poseur. If anything, the majority of them are poseurs for trying to pretend to be something they're not in order to be popular or get people to like them. But, there is another side to this as well. When you think about it deep enough, they are just like you and I. Again, please refrain from trying to murder me thru the computer. We call them names everyday. I see it so much in posts on this site. It's down right sad. Some of the "normal people" do like they way they dress and genuinely like the music they listen to it. Not all of them are shallow and hateful, as the same applies to us. They do have thoughts and feelings like the rest of us. They deal with insecurities. I just think that the leaders of both sides of the spectrums have got it in their heads that we're both better than everyone else or that the other person is some type of alien. Neither of which is true nor are they acceptable for even a pathetic excuse for the way we treat each other. Now, this is more in general terms but it also applies to the poseur topic. I think this war had just gone on long enough but of course the battle between good an evil will never be finished. Yet another fact of life that cannot be avoided.

OK, so, I guess the whole point of this rather long post was to just say, well, some people are poseurs. Others are not. But there is always reason behind someone being called that no matter how trivial or selfish the reason may be. I think everyone just needs to back off and let everyone be whoever the hell they want to be, without having to worry about be criticized for it. It's just ridiculous. So, everyone just get off your high horse and get back to reality. We're all human, and if you have a problem with it, tough shit. This is the only planet with oxygen so get over it already. That's all I have to say about it.
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